History of Tok-Sen Therapy

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History of Tok-Sen Therapy Thailand remains famous for the art of Tok-Sen Therapy, one of many forms of Thai massage that utilizes sen, or lines of energy, throughout the body to promote overall wellness. This ancient healing practice originated in Thailand, and dates back to thousands of years ago. Unfortunately, texts pertaining to the history Read More »

Tok Sen Tools for Massage Therapy

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How to start with Tok Sen tools for Massage Therapy An Earliest Restorative Kind Massage treatment is among the earliest and also most basic restorative types. It includes stroking, pushing, and working other locations of the body to alleviate discomfort. Massage Treatment: Benefits An excellent Massage Treatment: Benefits an excellent massage therapy not just stimulates Read More »

Sip Sen Thai

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The Thai Sip Sen Sen lines are the basis for many ancient forms of medicine, including Thai massage and Tok-Sen therapy. It is believed that there is a constant flow of energy that runs through the body. This life energy flows along specific sen lines, also known as energy lines, to create peace and balance Read More »

What is Tok-Sen Therapy?

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What is Tok-Sen Therapy? Tok-Sen therapy is an ancient practice that originated in Northern Thai. Today, this unique practice is offered at spas worldwide, offering individuals a chance to relieve themselves from chronic pain and disorders without the use of medications, harmful procedures or surgery. Tok-Sen is based on the belief that every individual has Read More »

Benefits of Tok-Sen Therapy

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The Benefits of Tok-Sen Therapy Tok-Sen therapy is an ancient practice originating from north Thailand that has spread to the corners of the globe as it increases in popularity due to its effectiveness at treating many common health problems. This ancient practice utilizes special tools to help life energy flow throughout the body, reaching every system Read More »