History of Tok-Sen Therapy

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History of Tok-Sen Therapy

Thailand remains famous for the art of Tok-Sen Therapy, one of many forms of Thai massage that utilizes sen, or lines of energy, throughout the body to promote overall wellness. This ancient healing practice originated in Thailand, and dates back to thousands of years ago.
Unfortunately, texts pertaining to the history of Tok-Sen therapy are non-existent. The ancient practices of Thai medicine were often passed down by oral instruction and live demonstrations instead of learned from a book. Few individuals recorded the art of Tok-Sen therapy, and many documents were destroyed by either the elements or invasions that took place during the Burmese Wars. Records that did survive were inscribed in the Sala Mah Nuat, located in Bangkok.

History of Tok-Sen: Theory 1) 

There are three popular theories pertaining to the origin of Tok-Sen therapy. The first theory states that Tok-Sen therapy was founded by a physician that is known to have existed 2500 years ago, Shivago Komarpaj. Mr. Komarpaj was from northern India, and remains well known throughout Thailand. This doctor is said to have been alive at the time of the Buddha, and supposedly performed ancient Thai Medicine practices on the Buddha himself. It is believed by many that Thai Massage techniques as a whole are thanks to Shivago Komarpaj.

History of Tok-Sen: Theory 2) 

A second theory states that Tok-Sen therapy was developed by either farmers or Buddhist monks. Farmers often were in desperate need of a massage after a long day of physical labor in the fields, yet they did not have the resources available to perform traditional Thai massages. Because of this, they used their knowledge of Sen lines to create Tok-Sen therapy. The third theory looks at the many different cultures that are incorporated into Tok-Sen therapy, and concludes that this unique form of Thai Massage Therapy must come from Buddhist monks.
Because there are no records prior to the 1800’s, tracing the exact origin of Tok-Sen therapy remains an impossible task. Regardless of the origin, Tok-Sen therapy has continued to grow in popularity. After World War II, Thailand became a popular tourist destination. It was then that Thai massage techniques, such as Tok-Sen therapy, became wildly known.

Thai massage and Tok-Sen therapy

Thai massage and Tok-Sen therapy began to spread across the world. This ancient practice was used before there were doctors, provided relaxation of the entire body, and massages could be tailored to meet any client’s needs. Instead of traditional western massages, Tok-Sen therapy used sen lines much like Chinese acupuncture and other holistic practices. Individuals experienced in Thai massage and Tok-Sen therapy were suddenly high in demand, and continue to be as spas across the globe are adding this universal massage technique to their list of services.

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