Thai Sip Sen

Posted in Tok Sen Massage on September 2, 2020

The Thai Sip Sen

Sen lines are the basis for many ancient forms of medicine, including Thai massage and Tok-Sen therapy. It is believed that there is a constant flow of energy that runs through the body. This life energy flows along specific sen lines, also known as energy lines, to create peace and balance within the body. If there are no blockages, the individual remains healthy. If the flow of this energy becomes blocked, it results in disease and sickness. Thai massage techniques focus primarily on the sen lines in order to clear possible blockages of lom (life energy) to restore the body to its natural state.

72,000 energy flows channels in our body

All together there are 72,000 channels through which this energy flows in the asia massage. These channels are found along sen lines. There are approximately six primary lines on the arms and legs, four located on the back, and multiple energy lines are found on the hands and feet. Thai massage typically focuses on ten primary energy lines in the body.

Universal agreement

Unfortunately, there is no universal agreement as to the exact location of the ten major sen lines that are used in Thai massage. This is largely due to the fact that the sen lines are not easy to locate. The sen lines weave in between muscles and cartilage, and often move. Because of this, the exact location of sen lines cannot be determined from a book; it requires knowledge, intuition and experience. This is why Thai massage is often taught in a hands on environment instead of from a book.
There is a universal agreement that, although there are slight variations as to the location of the sen lines, they all begin in the navel cavity and radiate outwards using ten primary energy lines, known as sip sen. Specific pressure points along these ten energy lines can be used to treat various conditions and diseases.

First and second Sip Sen

  • The first and second primary energy lines, Sen Itha and Sen Pingkala, are typically grouped together. Sen Itha begins on the left side of the navel and ends on the left side of the nostril. Sen Pingkala begins on the right side of the navel and ends in the right nostril. Both of these sen lines treat the same ailments: headache, lockjaw, nausea, breast milk flow and shortness of breath.

The third Sip Sen

  • The third sen line, Sen Sumana begins above the navel and ends at the base of the tongue. Blockages on this energy lines can cause fluctuations in appetite, anxiety, anger, depression, decreased sex drive and fluctuations in sleep patterns.

The fourth Sip Sen

  • The fourth of the ten primary sen lines begins above the navel and ends at the tips of the fingers and toes. There is quite a bit of discrepancy about the location of this one particular line, however. Treating this energy line can help with constipation, paralysis, stiff shoulders, back pain and impaired kidney function.

The fifth and sixth Sip Sen

  • The fifth and sixth sen lines are usually paired together. The sixth, sen sahutsarungsri, begins on the left side of the navel and ends in the left eye while the seventh, sen tawaree, begins on the right side of the navel and ends at the right eye. These sen lines treat double vision, various eye problems and liver problems.

The seventh and eight Sip Sen

  • The seventh and eighth sen lines are paired together in a similar manner. The seventh, known as sen junthapusunk, begins on the left side of the navel and ends at the left ear. The eighth, called sen ruchum, begins at the right side of the navel and ends at the right ear. These energy lines can be used to treat various conditions pertaining to the ear, lack of appetite and sleeplessness.

The ninth and ten Sip Sen

  • The ninth sen lines is called sen sukumung. It begins just below the navel and ends in the anus. The tenth sen line begins to the right of the navel, ends in the genitals, and is known as sen sikinee. These two lines treat flatulence, bowel issues, kidney and urination problems, heavy menstruation and vomiting.

To list all of the information regarding the sip sen would take an entire book, but this is a basic overview of the ten primary sen lines used in Thai massage and Tok Sen therapy. It should be noted that there is still a wealth of information regarding these lines, indications of an obstruction of the energy flow of these lines, and other diseases that can be treated when utilizing specific pressure points on the sip sen.
Thai massage is an ancient art that must be learned in a hands on environment in order for the massage to be effective at treating illnesses. This ancient asia massage body art can easily replace visits to the doctor and help to cure lifelong, debilitating conditions. Check out the rest of the articles to learn more about Thai massage and other holistic healing methods.

*Note* This article is not intended to diagnose or treat any illness. This article should not be used to self-diagnose or self-treat and condition.
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