Tok Sen Massage - Ancien Thai Traditional Massage

Posted in Tok Sen Massage on September 2, 2020

What is Tok-Sen Therapy?

Tok-Sen therapy is an ancient practice that originated in Northern Thai. Today, this unique practice is offered at spas worldwide, offering individuals a chance to relieve themselves from chronic pain and disorders without the use of medications, harmful procedures or surgery.

Tok-Sen is based on the belief that every individual has energy flowing through them. This is often referred to as a “life energy" or LOM. This energy works in perfect harmony with the body, ensuring that all systems of the body work together, resulting in a person that is happy and healthy.

At times, the flow of this energy can become blocked. Imagine a circuit of electricity. As long as the flow of electricity is not interrupted, the electricity will reach everywhere, and things will work as they should. If that flow becomes interrupted, however, the electricity will stop flowing. Appliances and other items that require electricity will not function properly.


How Life Energy Works Together with TokSen Massage

This is exactly how life energy works. The body is comprised of many different systems, such as the digestive system and respiratory system.

The life energy flows naturally throughout the body, reaching every system and helping it to work properly.

If the natural flow of the body is interrupted, much like the flow of electricity in the previous example, the systems of the body will not work correctly. This results in sickness, disease and a mirage of health issues.

What is Tok Sen? Tok-Sen therapy involves the use of a wooden hammer that is made from the bark of a tamarind tree to correct anything that is blocking the flow of the life energy, such as misalignment or tension. The hammer is gently tapped against key areas in the body in a rhythmic motion. Tok refers to the gentle tapping that is done while Sen is another word for the energy pathways throughout the body.
Tok-Sen therapy can be used to promote awareness of the body, leading to improved posture, easier movement and less injuries. Overall, Tok-Sen therapy results in an improved quality of life.

The Tok-Sen therapy is available in light, medium and hard. This refers to how hard the masseuse taps the hammer against the body.

This gentle tapping sensation feels similar to a bell vibrating throughout the body. When the hammer is tapped against the body, it can be felt along the bones and through the nerves in a gentle pulsing sensation. Individuals should make sure to inform the masseuse of any nerve pain, bone pain or other conditions prior to the massage.